11/10/07: from 'Kirsty' in Suffolk
For my wedding I have two family friends working together to do the flowers for me. The wedding is on the 5th July and the colour scheme is a deep red (claret its sometimes called). My dress is off white (pearl) so I would like my bouqet to be just the one colour (red). I particuarly like gerbera daisy flowers and I would like to use a couple of these in my bridal bouqet, but im not sure what flowers would compliment these in - any suggestions?
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13/09/07: from 'Orion'
We've decided we want to get married in our back garden. We've checked through your web site, but can't find anything about whether or not we can get married in the garden, or if we have to say our vows etc elsewhere, then take the party to the garden. Could you help us please?
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20/07/07: from Emma in Somerset
To encourage our guests to get to know each other I wondered about compiling some 'quiz' questions about each guest as an ice breaker game / filler for after day reception and prior to evening reception. Is this acceptable?
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16/07/07: from Laura in Oldham
I'm working on seating plans but haven't had any information about table sizes from the venue as yet, what is the usual amount of guests around one table? I've got 32 after those on the top table and not sure how to split people up?
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03/07/07: from Paula in Berkshire
My partner and i have lived together for 7 years and have a house full of stuff so don't really need wedding presents as such. We thought we would like to ask people for Thomas Cook (or other tour operators!!) vouchers, is this cheeky and any suggestions on how this could be worded?
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