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Kilts, Sporrans, Tartan & Other Highland Wear for the Groom & Groomsmen

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In recent times, Scottish Highland Wear has witnessed a growth in popularity at weddings across the country, and Grooms and the other male members of the wedding party are now having to field more ‘what’s under your kilt?’ questions than ever before!


Contrary to what you may have heard, anyone is entitled to wear Highland Regalia for their wedding regardless of whether they are Scottish or not, and there are a number of dapper alternatives out there from which you can choose. This article takes a closer look at the main Highland Wear options open to you.



Highland Wear : Prince Charlie Jackets


The Prince Charlie jacket is instantly recognisable from its cropped appearance. With normal lapels, sometimes with a satin finish, the Prince Charlie tapers away slightly from the bottom of the lapels towards midway between the hip and the navel. The jacket then juts back to just above the hips giving a pointed appearance to the hem.


Adorned with square, silver buttons and worn open, the Prince Charlie jacket is available in a number of colours with black, dark blue and green proving the most popular. read more...



Highland Wear : Argyll Jackets


A less formal item of Highland Wear than the Prince Charlie, the main feature of an Argyll Jacket is the upturned cuffs that slope towards an upwards point on the outside of each sleeve.


The jacket itself features several silver square buttons and normal lapels which end at the mid-rift before sloping away outwards. The jacket is normally worn unfastened and is typically available in both black and grey. read more...



Highland Wear : Ghillie Shirts


Also referred to as a Jacobite shirt, the Ghillie Shirt features an open collar and no buttons and is the most relaxed item of Highland Wear available. A drawstring collar (traditionally leather and available in white or black) is present. The drawstring cord feeds through eyelets on either side of the shirt, criss-crossing over before trailing down towards the mid-rift.


Ghillie Shirts are available from most outfitters in white and black, though numerous other coloured shirts can be found if you are prepared to shop around. read more...



Highland Wear : Kilts

Essentially, a kilt is large piece of tartan coloured material that can be worn with any of the three forms of Highland Wear discussed above. Groom's are not restricted to a particular tartan, although it is traditional to wear the tartan of one’s ancestral clan (if there is one).For those without an ancestral clan, there are modern alternatives (such as the Grey Spirit) and approved tartans (such as the Royal Stewart) which you could opt for instead. Several 'national tartans' are in existance (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own), and a number of outfitters have even designed their own tartans thus broadening your options yet further. read more...



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