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Hen Night Costume Suggestions and Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

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Dressing up is a fantastic way to personalise any hen do, from simple sashes and feather boa's to something a little more elaborate. This article focusses on the more elaborate costumes and provides some unique hen party fancy dress ideas for those looking to make an impression.


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From firewomen to cavegirls, burlesque ladies to pink ladies, there's a heck of a lot of choice these days, so one thing you should never be, is struggling for hen party fancy dress ideas.


Of course you needn't go the whole way and get hold of formal costumes. For a slightly cheaper option, why not have some personalised T-shirts made-up? Whether they have embarrassing photographs of you all when you were younger, slogans reflecting the night out, or are embossed with the words ‘Bride’, ‘Chief Bridesmaid’, 'Hen’ etc. they can all add that personal touch and provide an item you can cherish and keep forever.


However, whilst T-Shirts will look great, nothing will come close to a full on hen party fancy dress costume, especially when there are a load of clucking hens wearing them. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the most popular...


Pink Lady Hen Party Fancy Dress

Any fan of the movie Grease will instantly know to what we're referrring here. Dress up as Frenchie, Rizzo and the gang for that perfect 'Summer Night' out - it goes without saying that Sandy is reserved for the Bride.

Sports Star Hen Party Fancy Dress

Football, baseball, rugby, golf, netball, you name it - don a strip and head off out with the Bride wearing the captain's armband.

Buxom Wench Hen Party Fancy Dress

Whether it's serving maids or pirate wenches, these are a great hen party fancy dress idea. Typically more revealing than most, make sure you're guests have the stomach (or should that be the chest!) for it!

Military Minx Hen Party Fancy Dress

Whether it's naughty navy costumes, alluring army outfits or risque RAF pilot get-up's, it's the military, just not as we normally know it!

Playboy Bunny Hen Party Fancy Dress

Perhaps the most revealing of all the hen party fancy dress ideas in this article, there is likely to be male attention a-plenty if this is the costume of choice if you stay true to Hugh Hefner's original design. For those a little on the shy side, a pair of bunny ears with matching pink t-shirt can get come to the rescue.

Country Bumpkin Hen Party Fancy Dress

Gingham shirts, drawn-on freckles and pigtails are a must, accompanied by short frilly skirts for the confident hens or dungarees for those a little more conservative. A great hen night outfit for those do's held out in the sticks.

Air Stewardess Hen Party Fancy Dress

Flight attendants, air stewardesses, call them what you will, there's no denying that this is one hen party fancy dress costume that has grown in popularity in recent times. A great choice for both young and old hens, this outfit hit heights that others will struggle to reach - pun fully intended!


Schoolgirl Hen Party Fancy Dress

Ah, the good old classic schoolgirl outft! Typically saucy, to say the least, this can be a cheaper option than most if you've retained your old school blazers, shirts, short skirts, ties and boaters but haven't added any weight over the years! You could even dress the Bride-to-be as the naughty headmistress.

Cowgirl Hen Party Fancy Dress

Checked shirts, ten gallon hats, sherrifs badges, chaps and water pistols all add up to one great hen party fancy dress costume. If there's a gaggle of hens attending, consider dressing half up as American Indian sqaws, the other as cowgirls, with the Bride-to-be decked up as the Chief Sherrif in town.

Firefighter Hen Party Fancy Dress

A great outfit choice for less confident hens, this is one hen party fancy dress costume that covers up a little. As a result, things can get a little hot under the costume, so if it's a night out in the middle of summer, you should bear this in mind.


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