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Ideas & Advice in our Guide to Groom Wedding Rings

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A modern phenomenon, the male wedding ring now is an ever present at 21st century weddings with the vast majority of men choosing to sport one throughout their married lives. This article takes a closer look at groom wedding rings and provides ideas and advice on how to select an appropriate band.



Groom wedding rings are stylish pieces of male jewellery that symbolise marriage and reflect personality, and choosing an appropriate band isn't simply a matter of picking the first ring you see. The idea is that you'll be wearing your wedding ring every day of your life, so as well as liking the look of it, you'll also need it to be practical and comfortable. But unless you're a darts player, then you probably don't have clue where to start. With this in mind, let's look at each factor in turn.



Groom Wedding Rings and Practicality

Everybodyís lifestyle is different. Some men are the sporty type, whilst others prefer just watching it, some men sit behind a desk all day when others work with heavy duty machinery. Whichever category you fall into, you should think about an average week and the wear and tear that your groom wedding ring will suffer.


Sure, your ring can be removed to avoid any unnecessary damage, but if it will spend more time off then on, then perhaps you may wish to opt for a groom wedding ring that's a little more unusual that isnít restricted by your lifestyle. It's worth remembering that smaller, thinner wedding bands are more susceptible to damage whilst larger, sturdier ones will withstand a lot of what life can throw at them.


If you are a very active person who intends to always wear their wedding ring, then you may have no option but to go for a bulkier design, but if you favour the couch and computer to the outdoors and equipment, then your options are less limited.



Groom Wedding Rings and Comfort

Practicality and lifestyle are two very important factors to consider when choosing groom wedding rings, but perhaps the most important factor of all is comfort Ė let's face it, you'll want to enjoy wearing your wedding ring, not be in pain every day! 


There are two main factors to consider when choosing a wedding ring for comfort, namely the shape and width of the band.


Band Shape

Certain characteristics of a wedding ring can increase, or decrease, itís comfort. Sharp angular edges and excessive width can, for some, make the ring a little painful to wear, whilst soft fit rings (a ring that has softly curved edges) and comfort curves (curved on the inside of the band) can make a ring much more comfortable to the wearer.


Band Width

Groom wedding rings are typically between 5mm and 8mm wide, with 6mm and 7mm band widths proving the most popular. Typically, the larger the width (larger widths are more suitable for gents with larger hands and longer fingers) the tighter the fit. When you get your finger measured up, make sure that you inform the jeweller which size width you require to allow them to compensate by increasing or decreasing the size slightly.


Think long and hard about what you want and try rings on of all shapes and widths. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision that you won't regret later on.



Groom Wedding Rings and Style

A wedding ring should say more about you than ĎIím married, so tough luck girls!í! It should reflect your personality and show the world the characteristics you possess.


For down-to-earth guys with no heirs and graces, a simple classic gold band could sum you up perfectly. With its traditional look and unimposing apperance, it's a wedding ring that any well grounded man would appreciate. For those of you who are a little more adventurous, a ring with a little more intricacy (ribbed edges, satin finishes, use of multiple metals etc.) may be the order of the day.


Essentially, style is very much a personal preference. From solid titanium bands to more intricate claddagh rings, there is perhaps more choice out there than you initially thought. With this in mind, we have developed a series of articles on our site looking at your various options, and each is well worth a read:


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Whichever style of groom wedding ring takes your fancy, just remember not to lose sight of both practicality and comfort, and choose your wedding band accordingly.



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