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Guide to the the Groom Speech & Wedding Toast

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So youíre finally married to the woman of your dreams after all those years (and you thought no-one would put up with you) and whatís the first thing you get to do Ė consummate your marriage? Fat chance. Now you get to stand up in front of friends and family and make your groom speech!


The groom speech will typically follow that made by the Father of the Bride and precede the one made by the Best Man. With this in mind, not only will the words you have to say be going round and round in your head, but you will also have to endure the long-winded words from your new Father in Law and be all concerned at your what your so-called mate is about to say about you!





But just remember Ė itís not all bad news Ė at least you get to get drunk soon!


Joking aside, itís now time to get serious.


The first point to make is that you do not need to make a groom speech if you really donít want to. That said, we strongly advise that you try to make the effort, no matter how hard you may find it. It may all seem a little daunting at present, but we can guarantee that it will be nowhere near as bad as you are imagining - who knows, you may even enjoy it.


Your groom speech should last around ten minutes or so, and include a series of thanks (to her parents, your parents, the Beat Man, Ushers, guests and whoever else happens to be passing!) as well as a specific toast to the bridesmaids. Jokes, quotes and one liners can be incorporated into your groom speech but avoid going overboard with the humour - that's the Best Man's job!


If you're struggling for things to say in the toast, looking for specific points to cover within your groom speech or are wanting to inject a little humour, you may want to check out our dedicated Groom Toast, Wording the Groom Speech and Groom Speech Jokes & Quotes articles for further help and advice.


Writing the Groom speech is only half the battle however, and unless you successfully learn your lines and deliver the goods on the day, then all your efforts will have been in vain. Whether you're an expert presenter or complete novice, there are some specific tricks and strategies you can employ to help ensure your speech runs smoothly on the day - our Speech Making and Bridegroom Speech Tips articles provide some useful help and advice and are musts for any nervous guys out there.


Whatever you choose to say in your groom speech and however you choose to say it, this may be the last chance you ever get to speak without being constantly interrupted by the missus, so take your time and enjoy it!



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