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Cufflinks, Pocket Watches, Wedding Canes & Other Groom Accessories

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There are a whole host of wedding outfit and groom accessories out there from which you can choose. This article takes a closer look at each and every one of them.



Wedding Cufflinks


Available in a myriad of colours, designs, shapes and styles, wedding cufflinks are one of the most popular of all the groom accessories. Designed to fasten the cuffs together in the absence of a button, cufflinks are both practical and decorative items.


Plain gold and silver cufflinks are common sights at UK weddings, but coloured and novelty wedding cufflinks have overtaken them in popularity in recent years. If coloured wedding cufflinks are to be worn, it is tradition for them to match, or at least complement, any waistcoat or cummerbund - alternatively they can be used to co-ordinate with the bridesmaids outfits. Novelty wedding cufflinks, often linked to the wearer's role at the wedding (Groom, Usher, Father of the Groom etc.) often double-up as both a practial accessory and wedding memento.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Morning Wear, Evening Wear, Prince Charlie Jackets & Argyll Jackets.



Wedding Handkerchief


Also referred to as a kerchief, pocket square or hanky, the wedding handkerchief is solely a decorative item - so no blowing your nose on it during the day! Worn folded in the breast pocket of the suit jacket with the top half clearly visible, the wedding handkerchief is available in a wide range of colours and should always match, or at least complement, the waistcoat or cummerbund.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Morning Wear & Evening Wear.



Wedding Tie Pins


The wedding tie pin is a small decorative item that fixes the neckpiece directly to the shirt thus preventing it from moving around. Several colours and patterns are available and heart, diamond and floral styles are some of the most popular.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Prince Edward Suits, Frock Coats & Nehru Jackets.



Button Covers


Predominantly available from UK outfitters in a black and gold design with inset pearl, and a swirled red, blue and green design, these button covers are intended exclusively for use with a nehru shirt and jacket. Simply clipping over the top of the top-most button, they serve to add a decorative finish the outfit.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Nehru Shirts.





Simple and effective, the cummerbund is the ideal accompaniment to any wedding tuxedo. A coloured piece of material that fastens behind the back and is wrapped around the midrift, the cummerbund will cover the top of the trousers when worn. Made from a single piece of material, the cummerbund is stitched in such a way that it provides an overlapped look (usually 4 overlaps) and colour-wise it should match with the neckpiece.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : A Wedding Tux.






Wedding Top Hat


Widely available in black, navy and grey, the wedding top hat is an outfit accessory that wouldn't be out of place at a Royal wedding. A hard hat with a broad rim and flat crown, the wedding top hat also normally features a thin black ribbon at its base. Normally carried rather than worn during the day, wedding top hats add a dash of sophistication to any wedding outfit. 


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Tailcoats & Tail Suits.



Wedding Gloves


Normally hired alongside a wedding top hat, wedding gloves are more of a decorative item than a fashion piece. Typically carried throughout the day, or during the photographs at least, wedding gloves can be worn if needed should the temperature take a turn for the worse. Commonly available in grey, navy, black and white, wedding gloves are one of the most upmarket of all the groom accessories.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Tail Coats & Tail Suits.



Wedding Scarf


For any winter affair, a wedding scarf is a smart accompaniment that looks great with a wedding tuxedo. More formal than an everyday scarf, the wedding scarf has a fringed look and is fairly lightweight so don't expect it to keep you too warm throughout the day. Various colours are available, but it is traditional to wear a white or black wedding scarf or one that matches your neckpiece and waistcoat/cummerbund.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : A Wedding Tux.



Wedding Socks


Plain black socks are still the most popular option for Grooms and Groomsmen, but a growing number are now choosing to don bespoke wedding socks for the big day. Still black, but with their role ('Groom', 'Best Man', 'Father of the Bride' etc) emblazoned towards the top of the sock, these wedding socks not only look great, but they make ideal mementos and gifts. Coloured socks and patterned socks are sometimes worn and can look OK, but at all costs avoid a pair of white sports socks!


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Morning Wear & Evening Wear.



Wedding Pocket Watches


A wedding pocket watch (sometimes referred to as a fob watch) is designed to be attached to waistcoat via a chain then carried in a pocket. Wedding pocket watches represent a historical sign of wealth and status and they serve to add a touch of class to any wedding outfit. Often gold or silver, they are one of the few groom accessories that actually serve a practical purpose during the day!


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Prince Edward Suits, Frock Coats & Lounge Suits.



Wedding Canes


Originally a stability aid, the cane has become as much as a fashion statement as it has an assistant to those with mobility issues. Essentially a long straight piece of wood, often with a rounded decorative handle and rubber stopper at the bottom, wedding canes add a touch of sophistication to a wedding outfit that Fred Astaire himself would be proud of!


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Tailcoats, Frock Coats, Prince Edward Suits & Tail Suits.



Highland Accessories


There are five highland accessories that any Groom should consider hiring for their wedding if they plan to sport any form of Scottish regalia. A sporran, normally made of leather or fur, acts as a replacement to pockets, which kilts are devoid of. They are worn on a silver chain or hung from a highland belt (see below) and come to rest around the groin area. Accompanying the sporran is the kilt pin. Kilt pins are positioned at the front bottom right corner of the kilt and serve to add much needed weight to the garment and prevent any unecessary 'exposure' to the wearer!


Hose are simply the knee length socks that are worn with a kilt. Normally available in cream or black, they are worn with another of our highland accessories - the Skean Dhu (a traditional small knife) tucked into the right sock. Completing the look are flashes. Flashes are simply small pieces of decorative material that match the kilt tartan - they are worn tucked into the turn-downs of the hose.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Prince Charlie Jackets, Argyll Jackets & Ghillie Shirts. 



Wedding Belts


There are essentially two types of wedding belt - the highland kilt wedding belt, and the normal wedding belt. The former is for use exclusively with Highland Regalia and features a solid, decorated rectangular buckle attached to a black leather belt. The 'normal' belt will be made of quality leather and feature a smaller, less imposing buckle than their highland counterparts. Black and brown wedding belts are the order of the day.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : Morning Wear, Evening Wear & Highland Wear. 



Wedding Braces


An alternative to the wedding belt, wedding braces work particularly well with a tux and simply clip on to the front and back of the trousers and sit on top of the shoulders. They can also be worn with kilts and tartan trousers and fetching tartan braces look particularly funky.


Perfect Groom Accessories for : A Wedding Tux & Highland Wear. 



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