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Gags, Pranks & Jokes for Funny Best Man Speeches

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Jokes, quotes and one liners will all raise a smile, but for the ultimate in funny Best Man speeches, you'll need to come up with something a little different.


This article takes a look at the more interactive gags, pranks and visual jokes that can be used for funny Best Man speeches with hilarious results.  For some you'll need to invest in some props, for others all you'll need is a big pair of cahones, but either way it will be worthwhile!



Funny Best Man Speeches - The Medium of Dance


The speech begins as normal until a few minutes in, and just as you are beginning to get all sentimental about your best mate. Look up at the audience and tell them you can't go on or you'll break down in tears, and that the only way you can get your message across without cracking up is to convey your feelings via the 'medium of dance'.


Cue the music which you have previously arranged with the wedding venue - ideally a famous love ballad like Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You', Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do' or Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'. To each line of the song do something different - hug your mate, ruffle his hair, basically whatever it takes to get a laugh. Once you've done this for a minute or so, carry on with the speech as though nothing has ever happened.






Funny Best Man Speeches - The Key Joke


On the morning of the wedding, the Best Man hands out around ten keys on key fobs to various wedding guests and informs them to return them to him when prompted. Nothing more is said until the speech begins.


About half way through his speech, the Best Man turns to the wedding guests and says, "While I remember, the Groom has asked for anyone with a key to his house to return it - as he's now married you're obviously not going to need it anymore." At this point the various guests who you handed keys out to will stand up, walk to the front on toss the keys on the top table. Whilst this is funny enough as it is, if you can cherry pick the guests it's even more effective - ideally, a combination of good looking women, gay men and grannies works best, and if you can rope the Mother of the Bride in on the act it makes a wondeful finale!



Funny Best Man Speeches - Props Galore


After the opening lines of your speech, announce to the guests that unbeknown to the Groom, you collected some items from his house earlier in the week to help provide you with some inspiration for your speech.


Produce a box from underneath the table filled with various embarrasing items for you to talk about - riding crops, pink fluffy handcuffs, a 'Harry Potter' T-Shirt, 'Right Said Fred' CD's, posters of men in the buff - you know the stuff. A little tale or quip about each one shouldn't be too hard to come up with and you're bound to get the audience giggling and the Groom blushing from the outset.



Funny Best Man Speeches - Whose Line?


Have a table prepared with various items set up in the corner of the room (keep the items covered). Midway through your speech ask the Groom to join you at the table, get him to remove his jacket and put on an apron or sheet then roll up your sleeves. Tell the guests that you plan to let them into a typical 'Day in the Life of...' then reveal the items.


Get the Groom to place his hands behind his back and place your arms though his and begin to grab each item one by one and do as necessary with them. Face-cloths, toothbrushes & tootpaste, milk, cereal, lipstck and booze make for great props, but avoid using anything that will mess up the Groom's hair and outfit. Make sure you have wipes and towels handy for after your finished and be sure to check with the venue first.



Funny Best Man Speeches - This is Your Life


Armed with photos, videos and voiceovers (most of which will be you doing a stupid accent) put together a mostly made-up 'This is Your Life' of the Groom. Grab yourself a big red book to read from and recount tales from childhood through to modern day and watch the Groom squirm. If you can rope in some wedding guests (ideally a pregnant women - I think you know where we're going on this one) it'll make for an even funnier Best Man speech.



If you have any other pranks and visual gags you've used to create funny Best Man speeches please let us know and we'll look to publish the best ones.



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