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Guide to Frock Coats and Frock Coat Wedding Hire

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Also known simply as 'The Frock', Frock Coats were introduced to the UK in the early part of the Nineteenth Century. Although they faded in popularity in the first part of the last Century, Frock Coats have undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years when it comes to wedding formal wear.


Perhaps not the best option for the smaller man (height-wise), they are easily distinguishable, and some would even say ‘funky’. Frock Coats are a proving to be a popular choice for younger Grooms, Best Men and Ushers, or those looking for something just a little different.



What Do Frock Coats Look Like?


Frock Coats feature a knee length, double breasted jacket that has no tapering and simply runs straight from the base of the lapels down to the bottom of the jacket.


The suit lapels are similar to those you'd find on any high-street suit and 6, 8 or 10 buttons (3,4 or five each breast) accompany them.


Frock Coats are available in large number of colours and fancy jackets featuring swirls, fleur-de-lis and a whole host of other patterns are readily available across the UK for hire.



Essential Frock Coat Extras


Waistcoats and Frock Coats are a natural match, and outlandish waistcoat designs complement the Frock Coat better than any other of their contemporaries.


Both single coloured and striped trousers work well with the jacket, and neither a plain nor winged collar shirt will look out of place.


When it comes to neckpieces, ruches look fabulous, but some would say that European ties with their contemporary look and patterned cravats (that match any pattern on the Frock Coat) look even better.



Frock Coat Accessories


Canes work particularly well with Frock Coats and both plain and ornate tie pins can really add to the final look.


Handkerchiefs tucked neatly into any top pocket look dapper, and cufflinks are essential accessories for any Groom, Best Man or Usher who'll be sporing a double-cuffed shirt.



How Much Do Frock Coats Cost?


Frock Coats will normally be hired for the big day rather than bought, and let's be honest, there's unlikely to be too many occassions in later life when you'll get to don your purple fleur-de-lis frock jacket without looking ridiculously out of place!


With this in mind, Frock Coat hire will likely set you back around £50 to £100 per outfit, depending upon what's included in the package. For the brave/wealthy few among you (delete as appropriate), Frock Coats will set you back around £150 upwards if you wish to purchase them outright.



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