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Honeymoon & Travel Q&A : First Night of Marriage Question

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Q: Do We Need to Make Love on the First Night of Marriage?



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The simple answer is no – there is nothing in any rule book we’ve read that says that unless the marriage is consummated within a few hours then it is declared null and void. In fact, the figure for couples who don’t make love on their first night of marriage is surprisingly high, so if you happen to fall into this category then you certainly won’t be alone.


Planning a wedding is an exhausting thing to do - in fact the only thing that’s more tiring is the day itself. The pair of you will be on your feet all day, having been up at the crack of dawn and will probably be two of the last people to leave – after 12 or more hours solid of being the centre of attention, can you really be ready to perform in the bedroom department?


The act of lovemaking in a marriage is important, and a good sex life is just as important as being open, honest and faithful to one another. A good sex life does not mean that you need to be at it like rabbits permanently – as long as you do it often enough to satisfy both your needs then that’s just tickety-boo. However, if the reason you are not making love on your first night of marriage is because you are avoiding it, then you need to sit down and discuss things with your partner at the earliest opportunity – in fact, you are probably reading this before you’re married, so if you do fall into this ‘avoider’ category, go and talk to them now.

Married couples always remember their first night of marriage – whether it’s just because they both passed out with pure exhaustion or because they were up all night making sweet love, it is a time that is forever etched on the memory. Whatever you get up to on your first night as a married couple, enjoy it, make sure that you aren’t too drunk to forget it, oh  - and do keep the noise down!





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