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Tips & Advice for Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches

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Father of the Bride wedding speeches are never easy things to write an deliver, but this needn't be the case.


The speech itself will give you a chance to reminisce about times gone by and speak of how you look forward to the good times that lay ahead. For those few moments that you stand with the eyes of the guests firmly focussed on you, you get to wax lyrical about just how brilliant your daughter is and how lucky the Groom is to be taking her as his wife. Father of the Bride wedding speeches also give you the chance to speak about the Groom – your first thoughts, how those thoughts have changed and how the relationship between your family and his has developed over time.


This article lets you in on ten key tips for Father of the Bride wedding speeches to ensure your speech is remembered for all the right reasons!



TIP #1: With so much to write, it's never too early to start preparing Father of the Bride wedding speeches. We recommend you begin at least a month before hand, but ever earlier if possible.






TIP #2: Speak to the other speechmakers in advance of the day to ensure you aren't duplicating any material - this is particuarly important where jokes, quotes and one-liners are concerned as there's nothing worse than hearing the same quip twice!



TIP #3: Father of the Bride wedding speeches shouldn't be too short, nor too long - aim to be speaking for between ten and twenty minutes.



TIP #4: If you plan for yours to be one of the longer Father of the Bride wedding speeches, it is essential that you intersperse the sincerity with a few quips along the way – nothing hilarious, just something that will help keep the interest of the guests up.



TIP #5: If you are married and your wife is present, you must remember throughout that you are making the speech on behalf of the pair of you. Accordingly, the speech terminology should reflect just that.



TIP #6: You may wish to involve the Bride’s mother in the speech (or you may not be given a choice!). Where this is the case, decide which of you plans to lead or whether you plan to take to the stage together.



TIP #7: Run your speech past your wife or close friend early in the planning process for their opinion – in particular seek feedback on the length of the speech, its delivery in terms of speed and loudness and your body language throughout.



TIP #8: Practicing Father of the Bride wedding speeches makes perfect, so do so at every opportunity - in the shower, on the way to work, in the allotment, even between shots on the golf course!



TIP #9: In advance of the day, speak to your daughter to find out when the speeches are to be made - as you're first up, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard.



TIP #10: Try to grab a bite to eat about fifteen minutes before you are due to speak - this will prevent your stomach from rumbling and help settle any nerves. Of course this won't be an issue if the speeches are to be held after the wedding reception meal, but it's worth taking a note of should you be up prior to eating.



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