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Engagement Proposal Ideas & Advice for those Wondering When to Propose

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With up to 366 potential dates available for your engagement proposal, there are a whole host of options out there when it comes to choosing which date you'll get down on one knee. This article take a closer look at some of the best dates to consider for your engagement proposal, as well as some of the best ones to avoid.


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When To Propose



Choosing when to propose may seem simple at first, and compared to picking the wedding date it is (trust us, you’ll find this out!), but there are a number of things you may want to consider before setting the date in stone...




Dates to Avoid Where Possible

February 29th : OK, it only comes round once every 4 years, but tradition has it that the 29th of February is reserved for ladies to make an engagement proposal to gentlemen. With this in mind, unless you're of the fairer sex, chalk this one off.

April 1st : Do you really want to make your engagement proposal on April Fool’s Day? Unless the date has particular meaning for you, you may want to knock this one on the head - particularly if you want to be taken seriously!

Friday the 13th : At least twice a year, the 13th of the month falls on a Friday. With so many negative connotations around the date, and with so many other options available to you, this could be one date well worth avoiding.

Someone Else's Wedding : A wedding is one of the most special occasions in anyone's life, so choose another day, and don't steal someone else's thunder. On such a romantic and loving day, an engagement proposal at a wedding can often be percieved as insincere and that you have been 'swept away in the moment', so bear all this in mind.

Dates to Be Careful With

New Years Day : Whilst popular, an engagement proposal after 12 pints on the stroke of midnight isn’t the most romantic. A New Years Day proposal is also somewhat clichéd these days, so if you have your heart set on it, try to stay sober and come up with a unique, memorable and romantic way of popping the question away from the crowds.

Birthdays : An engagement anniversary is a special occasion - one which you will remember, and hopefully celebrate, forever. With this in mind, do you really need to pencil it in to clash with a birthday?

Christmas Day : Xmas is a family time and Christmas Day a special day for all - many would argue that it's already special enough. So, whilst a Christmas Day engagement proposalis a popular option, remember that there are other dates in the calendar when you can take centre stage all on your own without treading on Santa's toes!

How to Choose the Date

Consider The Weather : At this stage you may already know how you plan to pop the question. If you are thinking of an engagement proposal in a hot air balloon, then perhaps the middle of December is not the best time. Likewise, those of you who wish to whisk your partner away to somewhere tropical to propose, ensure that it’s not monsoon season!

Do You Have a Memorable Date? : You will remember the date you choose forever, so if you have a favourite or memorable day – the day you first met, Midsummer’s Day or Christmas Eve for example, it may be wise to consider one of these.

Spread the Love! : One option is to consider choosing a date with no other special birthday’s or anniversaries around it. This way you can spread your celebrations throughout the year and ensure you always have something to look forward to!

Whatever date you opt for, try to keep it to yourself. If friends or relatives know of your plans, there is a chance that word could get out and spoil the surprise. Telling others also puts you under unnecessary additional pressure for carrying off the perfect engagement proposal. If something goes wrong and you need to delay the proposal to a later date, the last thing you need is people checking how everything went.

If you are a little nervous about the whole thing and think that you may keep putting it off, one final suggestion is to have the date engraved on the inside of the engagement band – this way you don’t really have an option to back out!





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