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Engagement Questions

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From engagement ring worries to marriage proposal queries, check out the latest marriage information and engagement advice in our questions and answers below.



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Marriage Information & Engagement Advice Q&A

Q: Do I need engagement ring insurance?

A: In certain cases you will find that engagement ring insurance is actually already covered by an existing home contents insurance policy, but...

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Q: How do I cope with a marriage rejection?

A: If you have suffered an engagement rejection, it's not all lost and it certainly doesn't necessarily mean the end to your relationship. First up...

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Q: What are the reasons for marriage?

A: Whilst there may be no 'official' or 'strict' reasons for marriage, there are many valid grounds for marriage that exist. Indeed, any of the following could well be the reason why a couple is considering getting hitched...

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If you're seeking marriage information or engagement advice of your own, why not get in touch? For questions of a specific or personal nature (where can I buy a good engagement ring in X, why has my partner said 'no' etc.) we recommend you use our wedding forum. For general questions that you believe our other users would benefit from knowing the answer to, feel free to submit a question to our expert team. Please note, we are not marriage counsellors, so please do not ask us to help out if you are going through a period of difficulty in your relationship!


Due to the volume of questions we receieve seeking marriage information and engagement advice, we are unable to reply to each one individually, but we do endeavour to provide an answer to the most popular ones and upload a response for all to see on this part of the site, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.


If you've a question yourself that you'd like to ask, simply click here and complete the simple form - you'll need to be a member of MyWeddingsday to submit a marriage information or engagement advice question, but it's fast and free to sign up.


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