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How to Choose The Best Man to Make the Speech, Hold the Rings & More

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Sometime it can be easy, sometimes it can be hard, but choosing a Best Man is one of the most important decisions you'll make in the run up to the big day. This article take a closer look at how to choose a best man who'll be responsible for numerous tasks, on and before the wedding day.




To be asked to be a Best Man is an honour and a priviledge as well as a true show of friendship. With this in mind, the task of choosing a Best Man should fall firmly at the feet of the Groom. So all you girls out there hoping to have us on your side as you try to persuade your fella that his choice isn't to your liking, you can forget it (that's not to say you can't still try of course!).



How to Choose a Best Man

In some cases, choosing a Best Man is relatively straightforward with decisions often made a long time in advance. A Groom will either:


Weddingsday Have a best mate that he has known since childhood


Weddingsday Have a brother that he is close to


Weddingsday Get on really well with a brother of the Bride


Weddingsday Have a close relationship to his father


Weddingsday Is told by the Bride who must be chosen (please don't say it's this one!)


All of the above reasons (bar the obvious one) are perfectly adequate ones for determining the guy who will play the role of Best Man.



Best Man Characteristics

But what if there is more than one candidate for the job?


The best way to make sure you are choosing a Best Man most suitable for the role is to look at what skills make up the ‘ideal Best Man’, namely:


Weddingsday Responsible (you don’t want him to lose the rings now do you?)


Weddingsday Reliable (you do want him to remember the rings in the first place!)


Weddingsday Personable (he will need to interact with many people throughout the day and be perfectly at ease doing so)


Weddingsday Confident (he needs to make a speech in front of prying eyes with the pressure on)


Weddingsday Tasteful (best not to mention in great detail during his speech what the strippers got up to on the stag night!)


Weddingsday Accepted (tension between the Bride, in particular, and the Best Man is not a good idea)


Weddingsday Fun (choosing a dullard to be by your side from the Stag Night through to the Big Day is a definite no-no!)


Cross-check each of the above qualities against the skill-sets of each ‘candidate’ and pick the most suitable for the role – or if you still can’t decide after all that, we suggest a game of scissors, paper, stone!



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