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Cheap Wedding Acceptance Cards Currently for Auction on eBay

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If you're looking for cheap wedding acceptance cards, eBay is one of the first places to check out, with low cost, great value DIY and personalised acceptance cards up for auction every day. Below you'll find a selection of items currently listed for auction on eBay, so whether it's hand crafted, designer, or other cheap wedding acceptance cards you're after, look no further.









Personalised Handmade Wedding Acceptance RSVP Card or Regret / Evening (WA1) Funny humour wedding acceptance Card A5 + free postage Personalised Handmade Wedding/Evening Acceptance Card
£3.85 £2.50 £3.75

Personalised Handmade Wedding Acceptance Card Personalised Handmade Beautiful Ivory Wedding Acceptance I Card Disney HANDMADE PERSONALISED WEDDING ACCEPTANCE CARD/EVENING RECEPTION
£3.49 £3.85 £2.60

Handmade Personalised Wedding Acceptance or Regret card in Violet Modern Handmade Personalised Wedding Acceptance Card Wedding Acceptance And Wedding Gift Card *
£3.95 £3.80 £1.29

Hand Made 6" Square Personalised Wedding Acceptance or Regret Card RSVP acceptance cards wedding invite card reply funny cheeky greetings card w10 Acceptance Card & Envelope - RSVP - Birthday Wedding Party Invite - Simon Elvin
£4.35 £3.49 £1.55

Personalised Wedding Acceptance or Regret card butterfly shabby chic Thanks for The Invite Wedding Acceptance Card 'So Happy For You!'
£3.99 £1.25 £1.49

PERSONALISED Handmade WEDDING ACCEPTANCE / REGRET Card HEART TREE Personalised handmade wedding acceptance card - choice of 5 designs Personalised Handmade Wedding Acceptance Card / Evening
£3.80 £1.99 £3.50

HALLMARK WEDDING ACCEPTANCE card with envelope WEDDING CARDS & WEDDING ACCEPTANCE CARDS~Fast Dispatch~Free Delivery Simon Elvin Wedding Evening Acceptance Cards
£1.29 £2.48 £1.25

Lovely Personalised Handmade Wedding Acceptance Card IVORY PERSONALISED HANDMADE WEDDING ACCEPTANCE CARD Hand Made 6" Square Personalised Luxury Wedding Acceptance or Regret Card
£2.99 £3.99 £4.50

Wedding Acceptance card Boofle Wedding Evening Reception Acceptance Regret Card Personalised Handmade Wedding Acceptance Card
£1.29 £2.49 £3.60

Wedding Acceptance/Decline Card From Phoenix Trading Wedding Acceptance/Regret Card + Box - Choice of Colour Trim Personalised Handmade Personalised Wedding Acceptance Card
£1.00 £4.99 £3.75




eBay provides a great opportunity to grab hold of cheap wedding acceptance cards, but how can you be sure that you're getting what you are paying for? Our eBay buyers guide below should provide some handy hints and tips:


1. Ask, ask, ask: Any good eBay seller should be willing to answer any questions you throw their way, especially when you are buying an item for an important occassion like a wedding. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. If you are happy with the response, great - if not, walk away.


2. Check out the small print: Sadly, the odd seller on eBay will try to pull the wool over your eyes, and you could find that the cheap wedding acceptance cards you thought you were looking at are not what they seem. That said, 99% of eBay sellers are legit and above board, so as long as you go through the terms and conditions of the sale with a fine tooth comb you should have no problems.


3. Picture this: When you are buying online, a photo tells a thousand words. With this in mind, if the photos on the listing are unclear or you need further snaps, ask the seller to email you some across. Pay particular attention to the colour and condition of cheap wedding acceptance cards, especially if they are second hand.


4. Check feedback: Powersellers & eBayer's with high levels postive feedback are often the best ones to buy from. Before bidding on any cheap wedding acceptance cards on the site, check out the sellers feedback and pay particular attention to any recent negative comments.


5. Returns: Many sellers do not operate a returns policy, but some do. If this is important to you, check out what, if any, returns policy is offered before bidding.


6. International: Some of the best cheap wedding acceptance cards can be bought from overseas sellers. Whilst buying from an international seller is a great way to grab a bargain, remember that P&P on the item may be higher and you may be liable to import taxes - be sure to factor these in before comitting to any purchase.


7. PayPal: Cheque and PO's are OK, cash is simply a no-no, but PayPal is the real way forward. For the best in eBay buyer protection, make sure you select this as your method of payment at the checkout.



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