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Ideas & Inspiration for Bridesmaid Shoes

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There are a whole host of bridesmaid shoes available on the market, from casual flip-flops through to more formal stilettos, and deciding what footwear the bridesmaids will sport as they escort the Bride throughout the day can be tricky.


This article takes a look at the key factors to consider when choosing the bridesmaid shoes, and will ensure that aching feet and 'wardrobe malfuntions' are two less things to worry about!



Weddingsday When selecting the bridesmaid shoes it is important to remember the following; comfort and practicality first, style and colour second. OK, a combination of all four is the ideal scenaio, but try to focus on the former initially.



Weddingsday Remember that comfort is defined differently by different people. With this in mind, asking all the maids to wear the same style of bridesmaid shoes is not a necessity - some will love heels, some will hate them for example. Allowing the bridesmaids to select their own footwear from a selection that the Bride has picked out, is a sensible idea.



Weddingsday For those maids who are particuarly tall, consider flat soled bridesmaid shoes. Not only will this help to even out the heights of the bridesmaids, but it will also help to focus attention on the Bride a little more (like she'll need it!).



Weddingsday It's common for vertically challenged bridesmaids can be asked to wear heels to provide them with added height, but be sure not to put them in any bridesmaid shoes they feel uncomfortable wearing or difficult to walk in.



Weddingsday When thinking about the style of the bridesmaid shoes, bear the length of the dresses in mind. In may cases, bridesmaids shoes are not even visible so why waste valuable cash on something that won't even be seen. We have heard of some bridesmaids wearing trainers for wedding in the past and, whilst we wouldn’t personally recommend this (on the off chance the trainers are captured on film!) it still is an option.



Weddingsday Ivory is the most popular choice of colour for bridesmaid shoes. They're easy to find, and have the advantage that you can buy shoes from different shops and manufacturers and still have a perfect colour match.



Weddingsday For anyone contemplating buying ivory shoes then dying them, we'd strongly recommend you have them professionally dyed. We've heard some horror stories of patchy coloured bridesmaid shoes when it rains, and colour-dyed feet, so try to avoid this cost-cutting measure if you can.



Weddingsday A number of the larger high street shops and outfitters sell a range of bespoke bridesmaid shoes allowing you to select the exact colour you want in a range of different styles and sizes. Expect to pay a little extra for these bespoke bridesmaid shoes, but the flexibility and quality that offer often outweighs the cost.



Weddingsday When a colour is in fashion it will come in all different styles and can be found in high street shoe shops up and down the country. Buying the bridesmaid shoes from a run-of-the-mill shoe shop can help to save a small fortune.



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