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Guide to a Bridesmaids Role & Responsibilities & Bridesmaid Duties

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Bridesmaids are synonymous with weddings here in the UK and abroad and they have a vital role to play before, during and after the big day. This article takes a closer look at bridesmaids and outlines their role, responsibilities and all-important bridesmaid duties



The Role of a Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids have been commonplace at weddings for many years. Tradition has it that they were first included in the wedding as they looked similar to the Bride in appearance and therefore helped to confuse evil spirits. But regardless of whether you are there to baffle the demons or not, it is a privilege to be a bridesmaid and if you are chosen you should consider yourself honoured.


The role of a bridesmaid can be hectic at times and your responsibilities will largely depend upon the preferences of the Bride and Groom. Gone are the days when you needed to be un-married (much to the disappointment of any single Ushers at the wedding) but you will still need to fulfill several traditional bridesmaid duties and perhaps numerous other optional ones before, during and after the day.



Traditional Bridesmaid Duties

On the whole, being a bridesmaid is fun from beginning to end, but you will be expected to head up certain tasks that come your way. Let's take a closer look at the bridesmaid duties that will be passed across:


Weddingsday Travelling to the wedding ceremony along with any other Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Page Boys and the Mother of the Bride.


Weddingsday Attending all dress fittings and not complaining even if there is something you donít like about your outfit, accessories, jewellery and headpieces!


Weddingsday Attending the wedding rehearsal and make sure you know where you need to be and what you need to be doing at all times.


Weddingsday Walking down the aisle as part of the procession then standing alongside the other attendants before being seated during the wedding ceremony itself.


Weddingsday Following the Bride & Groom out of the ceremony venue as part of the exit procession, either two-abreast or being escorted by an Usher.


Weddingsday Travelling to the wedding reception along with the Best Man and any Ushers (assuming there is room for you all in the yellow Reliant Robin that was hired!)



Optional Bridesmaid Duties

As well as the traditional bridesmaid duties, bridesmaids (generally only the senior ones, although there are some tasks that junior Bridesmaids can help with also) may also chip in to help with the following:


Weddingsday If asked to by the Chief Bridesmaid, help to plan and organise the Hen night.


Weddingsday Assist the Bride and Groom by tracking down potential product and service suppliers.


Weddingsday Do something sweet as a surprise for the Bride (write a poem for the service, put a scrapbook together, arrange for a bottle of champagne to be delivered to the Bride & Groom on honeymoon etc.)


Weddingsday Help put together favours or address and sent out invites in the run up to the big day.


Weddingsday Help to make table centrepieces.


Weddingsday Help the Chief Bridesmaid, Best Man or Ushers look after any Page Boys of Flower Girls so they donít monkey around too much!


Weddingsday Collect disposable cameras and arranging to have the images developed in time for the honeymoon return.


Weddingsday Take to the dance floor and dancing with the Groomsmen or any other guys that may catch the eye!


Weddingsday Support the Chief Bridesmaid in all her duties and stepping from time to time so the poor girl can have a rest!


Weddingsday Be an emotional support for the Bride at all times in the run up to the day and on the day itself.


Weddingsday Dive to catch the bouquet thrown by the Bride then scour the room for a potential victim to marry!



It may be the case that being a Bridesmaid is a regular occurrence for you (ooh, you popular little madam!) or it may be that this is your first time, but whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice to whole thing, nothing can ever top the magic of a wedding. As a Bridesmaid it is important to remember two things above everything else, first Ė the Bride is always right, and second, have fun and enjoy yourself!



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