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Role, Responsibilities & Duties of the Bride's Mother

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The Bride's Mother is the traditional hostess (with the most-ess!) of the wedding and has a key role to play in the proceedings. This article take a closer look at the role of the Bride's Mother in proceedings, alongside the key Mother of the Bride duties and repsonsibilities.



Traditional Mother of the Bride Duties

In terms of responsibilities that the Bride's Mother has, it's not just a case of looking glamorous on the day or helping their hubby dole out cash left right and centre! No, there are other supplementary responsibilities that must be fulfilled as well as a few optional ones that may need seeing to.


Let’s first of all take a look at the Bride's Mother duties that there is no getting away from:


Weddingsday Liaising with the Bride and Groom to see how they wish to go about funding the Wedding and offering to pay for the items that traditionally the Bride’s parents pay for.


Weddingsday Riding with the Bridesmaids to the Service venue.


Weddingsday Riding with the Bride’s Father from the Service venue to the Reception venue.


Weddingsday Standing in the receiving line to greet the guests – either standing beside the Bride’s Father or heading up the receiving line as host.


Weddingsday As part of the ‘first dance’, dancing with the Bride’s Father when invited onto the floor.


Weddingsday Looking fabulous on the day – nearly as fabulous as the Bride, but not quite! Liaising with the Groom’s mother is also a wise plan to help ensure no clashes. Check out our Mother of the Bride Clothing Guide for help and advice with this.



Optional Mother of the Bride Duties

Alongside the official Bride's Mother responsibilities, there are also a number of potential other activities that you could get involved in. However, it is important to realise that this is a day for your daughter and your future son-in-law, so if they are the more independently minded type, some, or all, of the following may well not be needed and their views should be respected.


Weddingsday Providing general support and advice whilst making, but not dictating what should and should not happen.


Weddingsday Providing advice and assistance when tracking down the perfect Wedding venue as well as help in searching out other product and service suppliers when asked.


Weddingsday Helping to organise the guest list – suggesting names and making sure that the budget is nor over-stepped.


Weddingsday Sending out the invites, collating the responses and keeping the Bride and Groom-to-be updated as to how things are progressing.


Weddingsday Organising flowers and decorations is asked to do so.


Weddingsday Helping to draw up the table plan for the Reception.


Weddingsday Assisting the Bride on her search for the perfect Wedding dress.


Weddingsday Helping to organise the gift list and managing it if the Bride and Groom opt for a DIY version.


Weddingsday Helping with menial chores such as writing out addresses or blowing up balloons – try not to break any nails when doing them!


Weddingsday Acting as a calming influence to the Bride-to-be prior to the Big Day.


Weddingsday Helping to organise any Wedding rehearsals and ensuring that food and drinks are covered.


Weddingsday Working alongside the other parents to make sure that everything goes as it should do on the day.


Weddingsday Ensuring that the Bride is ready on time (but be subtle about it!)


Weddingsday Looking after your daughter at all times - just doing what a mum does best!



The Bride's Mother doesn’t get an easy ride and at times it can be really difficult to not interfere, but resisting any temptation to do so (unless things are going totally pear shaped!) is definitely the best. The Wedding day of a child is an important day in any parents’ life and it is also an emotional one, so the final and perhaps most important responsibility is to make sure that at least one pack of tissues is kept handy at all times!



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