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The wearing of bridal wedding rings is a tradition that spans back centuries, and in modern times the choice of bands is greater than ever. Demand for more elaborate, exciting and unique wedding rings have brought about a plethora of different styles onto the market, and deciding which one to choose can prove tricky. This article takes a closer look at bridal wedding rings and provides ideas and advice on how to select an appropriate band.



Bridal wedding rings are stylish pieces of female jewellery that symbolise marriage and reflect the wearer's personality. They should be practical, fit in with lifestyle, and be comfortable at the same time. But unlike the male wedding ring, where the gents have a totally free choice, there is one thing that will dictate the shape and style of the wedding ring more than any other factor - the engagement ring.


On a ladies ring finger the engagement ring should be the real star of the show with the wedding ring complimenting and showcasing it to the best of its ability. This is not to say that bridal wedding rings need be dull, but simply that they should work with the engagement ring, not against it. The two rings should look and feel like they were destined to be together and it is essential that you choose your wedding ring with this in mind.


In order to choose a wedding ring which engances the appearance of an engagement ring, rather than overshadowing it, there are three elements that every bride-to-be should consider very closely - the band shape, band style and band width. Let's look at each one in turn.



Bridal Wedding Ring Shape

The first factor to consider is whether you can opt for a straight edged wedding ring, or if you need to incorporate a unique shape to allow the wedding ring and the engagement ring to sit together perfectly. The best way to determine what you'll need is to take a closer look at your engagement ring.


Try laying it on a table – does it lay flat? If it does, you’re OK to opt for a straight edged band. If not, you may still be able to, but you'll need to look even closer to determine what is causing the ring to not lay flat. In the majority of circumstances this will be the gemstone, so you should assess whether the stone is raised sufficiently to allow a further ring to sit under it, but not be impeded. If you are in any doubt, ask a jeweller - they will be more than happy to advise, or try on a range of bridal wedding rings with differing bands to see for yourself.  



Bridal Wedding Ring Style

When it comes to the style of bridal wedding rings, in order to achieve a 'perfect set' you should look to choose a band style identical to that of your engagement ring. This is not to say that claddagh, puzzle or other ornate bands won't work, merely that choosing a similarly styled band will help to emphasise and enhance the ‘togetherness’ of the rings.


For most, the choice will be one of three - high domed, flat and softly rounded. To help determine which is the one for you, again lay your engagement ring on its side and, focussing on the band, assess what it looks like:


Weddingsday A 'C' shape indicates a 'high domed' ring

Weddingsday A ')' shape indicates a 'flat' ring

Weddingsday A '[' shape indicates a 'softly rounded' ring


As we've mentioned, it isn't imperative to choose an identically styled band, but it will help the overall look if you do. That said, your best bet is to try on different rings and see what 'looks right' and what doesn't, then take things from there.



Bridal Wedding Ring Width

As well as wanting to compliment the engagement ring, another factor comes into play - namely that of comfort, and the biggest influence on this will be the width of the bridal wedding ring.


First up, you'll need to understand just how much space you have to work with. Begin by assessing how much room there is between the base of the finger and the knuckle - how much of it is taken up by the engagement ring and how much that leaves available to comfortably fit the wedding ring in.


Secondly, it is advisable that you choose a wedding band width either the same, or slightly wider than the engagement band – this will compliment each one better and maintain the ‘togetherness’ image.


If you are in any doubt, the best bet is trial and error. Head down to your local jewellers, ask their advice and try a few on – you will quickly see what works and what doesn’t.



Bridal Wedding Ring Metals

Your final decision when it comes to choosing the bridal wedding rings concerns the metal that you'll use in your design. Complimentary metals, colours and styles are always a wise choice but perhaps the most important thing to remember is the density of the metal used.


Gold is the by far softest of the three main three metals (gold, platinum and titanium) and an engagement ring made of gold (be it yellow, white or rose gold) will erode over time if continually rubbing against a wedding ring made from platinum or titanium. Neither a platinum or titanium ring is likely to be effected in the same way, but if in any doubt be sure to ask your local jeweller first. To help you decide which band metal is right for you, the following articles on our site should help point you in the right direction:


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Weddingsday Alternative Materials - coming soon


Whatever wedding ring you choose, make sure that you stamp your style on it, but never lose sight of the fact that the engagement ring at any time.



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