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How to Get the Best Deal When Booking a Honeymoon

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Now let’s look at the options open to modern day couples when it comes to where to go when booking a honeymoon:


High-street Travel Agent

Still one of most common ways to book a honeymoon is via a high street Travel Agent. Many well established and household name companies can be found down your local shopping centre and you not only get the chance to speak to someone face-to-face, but you also get the added benefit of friendly, free expert advice. Increased competition from other sources has led to a lowering of prices and improved customer service, not to mention the peace of mind available by booking with a well-known organisation.

Many high-street Travel Agents also have an internet site that process bookings, usually with a small discount thrown in. If what you are after is relatively straight forward, you may wish to go back home and book online to obtain this discount or alternatively ask the person in the shop if they will price match with their website figure.

Tailor Made high-street Travel Agents

If what you want from your holiday is a little more than boarding a plane, spending two weeks in a beachfront condo then flying back home, then you may wish (or even need) to use a Travel Agent who tailor makes every part of your holiday around your needs. Your run of the mill booking agent may be able to butcher something together, and it is possible you could do so yourself with a lot of planning and heavy use of the internet and telephone, but for peace of mind, a specialist Travel Shop me be your best bet. Discounts are difficult but they can be obtained if you haggle hard enough.




Web only Specialist Travel Agents

Many companies have entered the online travel market in recent years and have quickly established themselves as reputable organisation you can trust. Unlike with face-to-face dealings, you can play around to your hearts content, changing dates, departure airports and a whole manner of things without feeling like you’re wasting someone’s time.

The prices you see will be based on an online booking, so if you feel the need to call the company direct there is little chance that they will reduce the price – that would simply defeat the companies overall strategy. Some sites provide useful destination resort information, but on the whole you will not be able to beat the knowledge available from a high-street agent. It is often cheaper than a like-for-like high street offer and you can even book it in your pyjamas.

If you are happy to book the most important holiday of your life this way (and there is no reason why not), then a web only specialist agent could be the way forward.



Reward Scheme Providers

Most people seem to be part of a reward scheme of one type or another, earning ‘points’ when you buy petrol or groceries etc, but many of us never spend them wisely. These points that you have accumulated can often be spent buying at least part of your holiday, if not all.

Airport parking, hire cars, flights and hotels are just some of the things you could spend your points on. You are unlikely to get much, if any, of a discount on the quoted price, but this could easily be offset by extra points being added to your account for your purchase – and we all know what points make!



TV Travelshops

There are a load of naff channels on satellite TV these days, but those dedicated to travel do not fall into this category. Providing an insight into one destination after another, they can not only be a great source of info (albeit slightly biased!), but can provide you with a great travel deal in the process.

One weak point of such channels is that they tend only to focus on mainstream destinations, so if it is backpacking in Chile you are after, you are barking up the wrong tree. For those of you who are interested in one of the many locations they do cover however, discounts are attainable so make sure that you drive a hard bargain.


Newspapers & Magazines

You’ve probably all seen those offers scattered around the back pages of your local and national publications, often offering staggering discounts that seem unbelievable. Many smaller independent travel agents use this as a source for advertising and just because you haven’t heard of them it doesn’t mean that they’re in any way irreputable. Do your research before committing to an agent who neither you nor no-one you know has heard of. Carry out an internet search, often of travel forums, to gauge other people’s opinions. The deals themselves are often so good that there is little or no room for negotiation - but that doesn’t mean you can’t try!



TV Text

Jam-packed full of offers, the majority of which are last-minute and therefore of little interest to Honeymooners, although the odd bargain can be found if you look hard enough. TV Text is another medium for the smaller players to get in on the act, and any deal found via this means should be investigated fully before committing to the final purchase. 99.9% of them are kosher and above board, but there is always that potential for ‘The Dodji Travel Co.’ to rear it’s ugly head! As with deals found in newspapers and magazines, you will struggle to negotiate a further discount.



Not having to deal with middlemen can help save a small fortune. Booking travel direct from the train company, airline or ferry company and accommodation direct from the hotel or owner can dramatically cut costs. Putting together your own ‘package’, including things like arranging taxis before you go and excursions from specialists, can help reduce your bills at the same time making you feel more independent! That said, with so much already to organise in the coming months, be careful you are not taking on too much!



A honeymoon certainly isn’t cheap, but if you shop around and stick to your guns you can save a packet. Do not leave any stone unturned in your quest to save some money – in 90-odd percent of cases you should be able to beat the brochure price down a little and if you mention the fact it’s you Honeymoon, you may even get a free bunch of flowers in your room on arrival as a bonus. Happy hunting!

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