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Example Toast Words & Ideas for the Best Man Wedding Toasts

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There's not many times in life when you get to have the last word, but the Best Man toast is certainly one of them. No sooner than the Groom has taken to his seat, then you'll rise up, give the speech of your life, and culminate it all with a couple of wedding toasts.


The Best Man toasts can be simple things, lasting only a matter of moments, but they are nontheless a traditional element of the Best Man speech which should not be overlooked, forgotton, or messed up. 


To help you on your way, this article takes a closer look at Best Man toasts, and suggests some appropriate words for you to use on the day.



What is a Best Man Toast?


A toast is essentially a few words of congratulation, good luck or appreciation that's immeditately followed by a drink to the relevant person or people. In the case of the Best Man toast, the words are a mixture of all three. Unlike the Father of the Bride and the Groom, the Best Man gets to perform two toasts on the day (lucky you!) - an appreciative one to the Maid of Honour and the Bridesmaids, and a congratulatory/good luck one directed towards Bride and Groom.





As the sentiments you'll express will echo those already made by the Bride's Father (he'll be making a toast to the Bride & Groom) and the Groom (he'll be making a toast to the Bridesmaids), it's always worth quickly checking you aren't using exactly the same lines before the big day arrives.



Suggested Words for the Best Man Toast


There  aren't any set rules and regulations when it comes to each Best Man toast, so you are largely free to say whatever you wish.


We'd advise you try to keep each one brief and avoid excessive humour. Aim for between two and five sentences worth of sentiment in each Best Man toast and you can't go far wrong.


Made at the middle to end of the speech, the following are examples of a typical Best Man toast to the Bridesmaids that you may wish to use:




"I'd like to take a moment to say how wonderful the Bridesmaids look today and, on behalf of the Bride and Groom, how attentive and helpful they have been. So if everyone could please lift up their glasses and drink a toast to <names>, the bridesmaids"




"Unlike the Groom, I'm still single. And as I look at the bridesmaids sat over there, I must say that makes me a very happy man! Not only do they look stunning, but their efforts today, and in the run up to today, have not gone un-noticed by the Bride and Groom. So on behalf of the happy couple, and one very happy single man, I'd like to propose a toast - to the bridesmaids. "




Made at the very end on the speech, the following are examples of the Best Man toast to the Bride and Groom which you are free to use as a starting point:




"Not only are they the happiest and best matched couple I have ever met, but they're also the best friends anyone could wish to have. So please, everybody get to your feet and join with me in raising a toast to the health, wealth and happiness of my best mate and his beautiful new Bride. Ladies and Gentlemen - to the Bride and Groom."




"Today I'm a very confused man. For months now I have wondered if I'm the Best Man, why isn't the Bride marrying me? (pause). Then I look to my left and see that she has chosen <Groom's name> and it all becomes obvious. Before I sit down and finally shut up, I would like you all to join with me in wishing <Bride & Groom's names> all the health and happiness they could ever wish for. To the Bride and Groom."




If you've written a Best Man toast that we all should know about, please drop us an e-mail and we'll look to publish the best ones on our site - who knows, your words of wisdom could be immortalised forever!



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