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Wording the Best Man Speeches

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Best Man  speeches are notoriously difficult to write. Whilst the Groom and Father of the Bride can get away with delivering a humour-free oration, there is an air of expectation surrounding Best Man speeches which simply doesn't exist elsewhere.


This article takes a look at the key points that should be covered during Best Man speeches and is essential reading those men looking to write and deliver a masterpiece.


So without further ado, these are the recommended topics you should cover in Best Man speeches and the suggested order of doing so:



Weddingsday Best Man speeches should always be opened by an introduction. Whilst some of the wedding guests will know you well, others won't have a clue. If there's no toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies or wedding co-ordinator on hand to do this for you, make sure you take a moment to let everyone know who you are and how you know the Bride & Groom.


Weddingsday Introductions over with, it's now time to give a quick thanks to whoever has footed the bill for the day and a mention about how well it’s all going and how much you are enjoying it - just in case you are wondering, yes, it's OK to lie if necessary!





Weddingsday Next, some complimentary words about the Ushers, Bridesmaids, Chief Bridesmaid, Page Boys and Flower Girls are strongly advised. If you look to follow this up with your toast to the Bridesmaids it will help the speech flow a little better.


Weddingsday The opening part of your speech over, it's now time to have a little fun. It's customary for Best Man speeches to include a reading of messages or telegrams from guests unable to attend. Some of these will be sincere and heartfelt, but now's an ideal time to thrown in a couple of made up ones. By gently introducing humour into the proceedings at this point it will provide a good bridge between the opening sincerity and the up and coming jokes and pranks. 


Weddingsday It's often good to begin the main part of Best Man speeches with some factual based jokes. Embarrassing tales and humorous stories from the Groom’s past are always a good idea, just remember to not make them too risque. The day the Groom was locked out of his hotel room in his ‘birthday suit’, the day he dressed up as a woman for charity but was a little ‘too’ convincing, the time two of you were tapped up by a couple of drag queens are all workable examples of the kind of stuff we mean.


Weddingsday Now it's time to crank it up a gear with some top notch pre-prepared material. Jokes, quotes and one liners are ideal at this point, but for something memorable, why not opt for a prank, gag or visual joke - for more ideas, check out our dedicated funny best man speeches article.


Weddingsday A couple of quips about the Bride and Groom work well at this point in Best Man speeches, and tales from when they first met, the proposal etc. will allow you to mix sincerity with light-hearted humour.


Weddingsday Time for a few heartfelt words about the Groom. Tell all the guests just what a great guy he is (again, lie if necessary!) and how lucky the Bride and her family are to be welcoming him into their futures. OK, we appreciate this part in the Best Man speeches it may be corny, but deep down you’re his best mate, so make sure that everyone knows just why you value his friendship so much (however, go easy if your friendship is merely a smokescreen for the long-lasting crush you’ve had on his sister, or worse still, him!)


Weddingsday Time for the big finish. Tell the Bride & Groom how happy you are for both of them, how perfect they are for each other and how you knew it was 'meant to be' right from the beginning. If you are after a few extra brownie points, mention the phrase, ‘it’s not like losing a mate, it’s like gaining one more’. Follow this all up with a toast to the health, wealth and happiness of the newlyweds, raise your glass, then sit down, shut up and relax!



Hopefully the information in this article will help point you in the right direction, and if it does why not come back and tell us about it. Any useful hints or material you may have for guys to use in their Best Man speeches is always appreciated please do drop us an e-mail and get in touch.



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