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Background Wedding Music Ideas & Advice for your Big Day

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Typically, most couples will opt for soft, gentle music during the day (often of the classical variety) and something more lively on the evening (a DJ, band etc.) - but there are other parts of the day when a little 'mood music' certainly won't go amiss.


Mood music a superb way to set the scene and keep the day flowing - often used in short bursts, it really can help to create a dramatic effect or subtle undertone. There are a number of times during the course of the wedding when the playing of mood music 'just seems right', so without further ado, letís take a look at those parts of the day when a little mood music is ideal.



Regarrdless of whether you're a Bride or a Groom, when you're getting ready on the morning of your wedding, things can all seem a little hectic - you'll have your hair, make-up, and lingerie all to sort out - and that's just the guys!


So to help you chill out and unwind, there's nothing better than a burst of your favourite tunes to help you on your way. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, just a simple CD of some meaningful, romantic or uplifting songs, perhaps prepared in advance by one of the Bridesmaids or the Best Man. It may sound a very basic sugguestion, but you'll find that listening to your favourite music will be something that'll help both you, and the folk you're with, to relax a little and at the same time build up the excitement for the day ahead.



As guests arrive at the wedding venue, there is a sense of expectation and anticipation at the wonderful day that lay ahead of them. They'll typically check they've got everything that they need, then slowly make their way to their seats, perhaps accompanied by some classical music played over a speaker system, or performed by a skilled musician. Don't get us wrong, this is more than sufficient and will help to set the scene perfectly, but by using additional mood music, their arrival can be somewhat more dramatic and even more memorable.


Imagine arriving at a wedding to be greeted by a Highland Piper playing some of the most soul-stirring tunes on their bagpipes, or perhaps being serenaded by a Barber Shop Quartet as you enter the venue. For those of you with Celtic origins the former may really appeal, or for those of you planning a more light-hearted or themed day then the latter could be just what you're after. But regardless of your plans for the day, we're sure you'll agree that mood music played to your guests as they pull up to the Service venue can help make a huge impact and lasting impression.



With the majority of weddings kicking-off around lunchtime and running into the wee small hours, many couples these days are opting to incorporate a break into the proceedings to allow both themselves and their guests a chance to freshen up and chill out.


Whilst some guests will treat the break as an opportunity to pop up to their room or head home for an hour or so, most will linger around the Reception venue and take the opportunity to have the odd beverage or two whilst chatting with friends and family. In order to keep the wedding theme high on the agenda, why not opt to incorporate some music into the proceedings at this point in time. Vocalists and instrumentalists can provide perfect intermission music and really help the day flowing. Performing a variety of modern classics from Lionel Richie to Eric Clapton, such musical performers will really be appreciated by all those guests who stay on site. Alternatively, if you're after a cheaper option, simply arrange with the venue to play some music over the in-house speaker system whilst the guests chat away and get gradually more inebriated!



Away from the dancefloor and the hussle and bustle of the main action, most venues will offer an area or two where guests wanting a more secluded or peaceful environment can congregate - as you may already have guessed, such spots are ideal for a little mood music.


Lounges, snugs and in particlaur, the gardens and grounds which surround a venue are perfect for a soothing string quartet, harpist or simply a CD of slow romantic music. For those of you after something a little different, a hired jukebox (on free-play of course) packed full of your favourite tracks can prove a real winner. In fact, anywhere in the venue where guests are likely to gather, but will be too far from the main musical entertainment, is ideal for a little mood music of some description or another. 



Hopefully this article should have given you some great ideas as to how music can be used throughout the course of the day to keep it flowing, and retain the romance.



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