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Online Guide to Argyll Jacket Wedding Hire

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Designed and made around the turn of the eighteenth century for Archibald Campbell, the tenth Earl and first Duke of Argyll, the Argyll Jacket is very popular at weddings both inside and outside of Scotland.


With a more contemporary and rmore elaxed cut than its Prince Charlie counterpart, the Argyll Jacket is a superb option for those Grooms who are considering wearing Highland regalia for their wedding.




What Does an Argyll Jacket Look Like?


The Argyll Jacket can be easily distinguished from others by taking a quick glance at the cuffs. Featuring upturned cuffs that slope towards an upwards point on the outside of the sleeve, the cuffs each feature three silver square buttons that face outwards.


Typical jacket lapels are present on the jacket and these end at the mid-rift before sloping away outwards leaving the sporran exposed.


The Argyll Jacket normally features a single silver button just below the lapels plus another three on each pocket and one on each lapel. The jacket is normally worn unfastened and is typically available in both black and grey styles.



Essential Argyll Jacket Extras


A kilt is by far the most popular choice to accompany the Argyll Jacket, although tartan trousers are a suitable and attractive alternative for those with knobbly knees. The Groom and his Groomsmen can elect to wear any tartan they wish, though there are traditions that you may wish to observe - a national tartan, your ancestral clan tartan, or the tartan of the outfitters are your best bets.


Bow ties and ruches are the most popular neckpiece options for those Groom's wearing an Argyll Jacket and these should be accompanied by a plain collar or, more commonly, a winged collar shirt.


Traditionally, an Argyll Jacket is worn without a waistcoat, but many modern outfitters have bucked this trend and are offering plain waistcoats (that match the colour of the jacket) and feature a handful of squared silver buttons.



Argyll Jacket Accessories


Sporrans, decorative kilt pins (often in the shape of a sword), hose (socks - often cream or black), skean dhu's (a small knife that  is tucked into the right sock), belts and flashes (small decorative material in the same tartan as the kilt that is tucked into the turn-downs of the hose) are ideal for an Argyll wedding outfit. Leather shoes or Ghillie brogues (also known as kilt shoes and recognisable from the lack of tongue and the fact that they lace-up above the ankle) will finish the look nicely.



How Much Will an Argyll Jacket Cost?


Argyll Jackets, complete with waiscoats and kilts, can be hired for around 60 to 100. Some outfitters include the accessories mentioned above within this cost, others may add a surgcharge, so be sure to ask at time of booking just what it is you're getting for your money. If you're thinking about buying an Argyll wedding outfit, they retail at around the 250 mark. 



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