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Guide Amercian Wedding Cars and American Wedding Car Rental

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The wedding transport provides the happy couple with one of the best opportunities to make a lasting impression on their big day, and what better way to do so than hiring one or more American wedding cars and truly arriving in style.


Not for the shy and retiring, American wedding cars are designed to be seen, and sometimes even heard! They will turn heads wherever they go - the Church, the reception venue, en route to the wedding, it makes no difference - wherever the cars go, peoples eyes will follow.



What are American Wedding Cars?


American wedding cars are any car manufactured in the USA that can be hired out by couples for use on their big day. They typically fall into one of three categories; vintage and classic American wedding cars, modern American wedding cars, and unique and unusual American wedding vehicles.


Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Buicks are probably the names that immediately spring to mind when you think of American wedding cars but there a whole host of other less familiar, but equally as impressive, car marques available for rental.


Despite their limited availabilty, their rental rates are normally about the same as any other wedding car, but as there are far fewer suppliers out there, your opportunity to negotiate a discount will be somewhat reduced.



Vintage and Classic American Wedding Cars


To be classed as vintage American wedding cars, the vehicles will normally need to have been manufactured in the States prior to 1960. From timeless Model A and Model B Ford's (the original 'hot rods') through to the gangster style Studebaker, vintage American wedding cars exude style and thrills from a bygone era.


Classic American wedding cars are from a little later. Made Stateside typically between 1960 and 1990, these vehicles range from the shy and retiring Pink Cadillac through to the iconic Pontiac Firebird (K.I.T.T. from the original Knight Rider series).


All of the vehicles mentioned above (and many, many more) are currently available for hire here in the UK and most will even come with a chauffer fully decked up in the appropriate uniform for the vehicle's era. So, whether you're a budding Bugsy Malone or Greta Garbo or simply a wannbee Sandra Dee or Michael Knight, there will undoubtedly be at least one vintage or classic American wedding car you'll want to hire for your big day.



Modern American Wedding Cars


Modern American wedding cars is a term which is normally applied to any vehicle manufactured in the USA from around 1990 onwards.


With the emphasis on comfort, these vehicles are functional and stylish, though not typically what you would consider as 'jaw-dropping' - unless you plan to hire something like a carbon footprint stomping Hummer that is!


The MPV's and SUV's within this category ensure modern American wedding cars are ideal for both the Bride and Groom and also the fleet of Bridesmaid's, and their plush interior's also lend themselves well to any long journey's that need to be made.



Unique and Unusual American Wedding Vehicles


As well as the 'normal' vintage, classic and modern American wedding cars, there are also a number of suppliers of other, more unique and unusual, American wedding vehicles available for rental.


From bright yellow New York taxis through to cop cars and even Harley Davidson's, our stateside friends have infiltrated the UK wedding car market in their droves, brining with them an exciting twist to the everyday wedding car market.


Not normally as comfortable and plush as other American wedding cars, these unique and unusual American wedding vehicles will nontheless attract far more than just a passing glance from onlookers and wedding guests alike. There aren't that many companies currently offering them for hire, but tracking one down will well be worth the effort.



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