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Wedding Tuk Tuks, Fire Engines, JCB's & Other Alternative Wedding Transport

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With over 13,000 companies already listed, you're sure to find what you're looking for.If you really do want something out of the ordinary for your wedding vehicles, then look no further than our guide to alternative wedding transport.


But before you proceed you need to know that the vehicles covered in this article are not for the faint hearted! They are not just alternative, some are downright unusual and unique and are certainly only for those couples who want to be both seen, and remembered.


So without further ado, here is the Weddingsday guide to alternative wedding transport.



Wedding Tuk Tuk


The wedding tuk tuk (or tuc tuc if you prefer) is the perfect alternative wedding transport for those couples planning an Oriental themed wedding, looking to honeymoon in the Far East or simply wanting to stand out from the crowd.


Essentially an automatic rickshaw, the tuk tuk is popular across much of South and East Asia, and is a small three wheeled vehicle that derives its name from the noise that the engine makes. It is highly manouvrable (perfect where access to the wedding venue is tight) and can legally travel on UK roads at speeds of up to 40mph.


Often supplied with a driver (but not always) a wedding tuk tuk can be hired for around 300 from a number of companies operating around the UK. They are unique, quirky, make the most amazing sound, and will really get people looking.



Wedding Helicopters


OK, wedding helicopters are somewhat extravagent, but if travel by land simply isn't good enough for you, then why not arrive at your wedding via the skies!


Before jumping straight in and book this form of alternative wedding transport, there are certain things you will need to ensure before chartering any wedding helicopter. Primarily permission to land and take off from landowners needs to be sought alongside confirmation that the times you plan to fly are suitable. Certain other guarantees may be required by the charter company so be prepared, and make sure you ask all the necessary questions up front.


Whilst any helicopter you hire will be piloted (so there's no need to panic and try and rush through your pilots license!), it is unlikely that the pilot will be dressed in anything too smart. If this does cause a particular problem, a bit more cash exchanging hands could help rectify the situation.


Helicopters can be chartered for weddings from around 500 and make for a spectacular entrance, so if you're up for the challenge, why not go for it?



Emergency Vehicles


Ever fancied travelling in an emergency vehicle without being arrested, on fire (just go with us on this one) or hospitalised? Well you can these days - and what's more, you can do so en route to your wedding!


Fire Engines, American Ambulances and American Police Cars have all been hired as a means of alternative wedding transport in the last few years, and as word spreads so do the number of companies offering such a service.


Some of the wedding emergency vehicles on offer here in the UK have been fully converted into plush limousine style transport whilst others remain true to their history. All come with their own drivers and will definitely turn heads - especially if you can persuade the driver to pop the siren on for a few moments!


With packages starting from a few hundred pounds, they certainly are an unusual form of wedding transport that will really make a splash.



Wierd & Wonderful Wedding Transport


Of course any mode of transport is theoretically possible. In the past, stories of couples arriving on horseback, by canoe, in a hot air balloon, tractor, JCB, camper van and even in a hearse have all made the press. In fact, each year we are inundated with couples asking us if we know where they can hire unique and unusual forms of wedding transport, from miniature trains to donkeys!


If you are interested in wierd and wonderful alternative wedding transport but can't find a local supplier, don't lose heart. Get on the phone, or send out some e-mails to local farmers, undertakers, plant hire firms, stables etc and see if they would be willing to help you out. You will often find that most people will be willing to provide a service as long as they are able to make some money out of it. You'll need to think carefully about journey times, venue access and the legalities of using your chosen vehicle on public roads, but just about everything is possible if you think outside of the box!


Whatever form alternative wedding transport of you chose be sure to enjoy it, and prepare yourselves for the envious stares from wedding guests and passer-by's alike that will come your way!



Related: We've a host of wedding transport articles on the site packed of of helpful ideas and advice, not to mention our wedding transport directory that's filled with suppliers of wedding cars, limousines and more. For help and friendly advice from like-minded couples, be sure to check out our weding transport forum.


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