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Fed up with blowing money on expensive ads that just don't work? For advertising that breaks the mould, read on... 



Would you like your ad in Weddingsday's right hand column?

Well you can! We currently have a limited number of advertising spaces available for the next 12 months, and are offering them up for grabs.



And how does a guaranteed 50,000 page impressions sound?

Yes, you did read it right! Our team of computer wizards have developed a clever little algorithm which ensure all ads are seen
evenly over the course of a 24 hour period. And, b
y strictly limiting
the number of adverts we accept into our 'ad pool' at any one time,
we can ensure that adverts will be seen a minimum of 50,000 times during each 12 month contract.


So, whether it's brand awareness or website traffic you're after, you'll find you get far more exposure with a Web Ad on Weddingsday in comparison to placing a one-off ad in a monthly wedding magazine.



I bet you think this will be expensive, right?

Quite the contrary. Whilst many of our competitors will charge you an arm and a leg, Weddingsday are proud to offer you a Web Ad in our
right hand column for a whole year from just 75 plus VAT!


 The range of ad sizes currently available are:
120 x 60px :: 75

120 x 120px :: 100

120 x 240px :: 150

120 x 300px :: 175

120 x 600px :: 300

Please note, there is a 50 surcharge on all above rates for animated ads
(flash or animated .gifs featuring multiple frames).



So right now you are probably asking, 'where's the catch?'

Well put simply, there isn't one. We recognise that not every company has a huge marketing budget, which is why we offer such huge company exposure for such little expense.



Are there any ad constraints?

Not really. As long as your ad is no greater than 2MB in size, incorporates no fancy javascript and is either a .jpeg, .png, or .gif format, that will be fine. For those interested, we can even link to
ads on remote servers should you wish.



What about if you can't design an ad of your own?

Don't worry if you don't have the techncial skills in-house, the design gurus here at Weddingsday can produce a high quality bespoke ad for you, for just 25 (50 for animated ads)!



It all sounds fantastic right? Well here's how you get started...

Simply send an e-mail to one our helpful & friendly Commercial Team. You'll need to tell us which page on your site you'd like us to link to, and forward across any image you'd like us to use - for billing purposes we will also require a name and basic contact details.


Once we've got all the info we need, we'll get you up and running on the site within 72 hours and your invoice will follow thereafter. For info, payments can be made by cheque, BACS or online via PayPal (you don't need a bespoke PayPal account to pay via this method) and will be required within 14 days of the ad going live.



PLEASE REMEMBER, in order to ensure we can guarantee each advertiser a minimum of 50,000 page impressions per annum, we need to enforce a strict limit on the number of Web Ads we can accept at any one time, and once they're gone, they're gone. So don't delay - beat the competition and apply for a Weddingsday Web Ad today.


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